Hi welcome to Studio PBJ Photography’s little corner of the internet. We are

looking forward to helping you record

your families memories, I am Jaylene and I do most of the day to day studio work and all the photography (except for weddings where my husband Jeff is my second shooter). I started out doing my kids sports team pictures and my business grew a long with them. I did their senior pictures as well as many of their friends and then all of a sudden it was time for weddings. I had no intention of becoming a wedding photographer, but finding the right photographer for our daughter's wedding in our budget was so difficult that after we finished her wedding I decided to give it a go, and try to become the photographer we wanted for her wedding. We want your wedding to be as stress free as possible. While giving you beautiful wedding pictures is our first priority, We have been known to help rewrap a bouquet and fix a bustle or two, We will do whatever it takes to give you the day you deserve.